To keep with the “traditional website” feel, here’s where I pretend to be Google for five minutes. The following are other people’s sites that I think you should know about.

clock systems

SETCLOCKS – a tribute to the Standard Electric Time Company
This is a really interesting site which includes pictures and descriptions of several people’s clock system collections. Back when I first got into this stuff, this was one of my favorite sites to look at (second maybe to eBay), even though most of the site is very biased in favor of impulse systems. If you haven’t been there already, I think you need to take a look.
Standard Electric Time Company on
Also an interesting site. If you want to know what the Standard Electric Time Company was up to before the 1950s, you might just find it on this site.
Standard GRC manual
If you Google for long enough, you might just strike gold. This page contains scans of an original GRC system manual. (Note that I transferred these images into a more easily printable pdf file, which is linked on my SET GRC homepage.)
Lathem Product Manuals
Did you know that the full manual to every Lathem microprocessor-based master clock ever made is available for download? They totally are—just scroll down to the master section on this page.

PA systems

Schematics for Free
This site is just loaded with information about electronics in general. I think you should really look around this site (if you know enough about electronics to read a schematic). This is also the site where I discovered manuals to all my Dukane equipment back in the day (which meant that I finally found out how to connect a microphone to my 1A952, which has only numbered terminals). They have a huge list of manuals of this type in this section.


Bell System Memorial
The Bell System Memorial site is also absolutely loaded with information, including just about anything you ever wanted to know about the Bell System.
Telephone Collectors International Library – Telephony Document Repository
This site has a very impressive collection of (probably almost) every telephone-related manual in existence (in pdf format), regardless of brand or company.
Old Telephones as Entertainment
This is a very well-written and informative site, and is especially useful if you are curious about telephone set model numbering schemes (and to get an idea of the different types of sets that were available). It includes the page that outlines the model-numbering system used for the 500-series, among other things.



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2 Responses to comments/links

  1. Tim says:

    Wow what a great site. I too really enjoy the things you detailed on your web site, PA systems, clock systems, etc…

    I presently work for a company servicing and installing Dukane PA and clock systems, my love for the things brought me there.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what else you have to share with us. Your attention to detail and work of preservation of the Standard Electric clocks is really incredible.

  2. David Stell says:

    Great Job on site. I used this information to help me adjust and understand my nine GRC slave clocks and five AR-2 impulse clocks. Please continue to add more to your site, as well as more videos as to how the corrections are supposed to work, (such as your Lathem ltr-128, and how the AR clocks correct.) Thanks.


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