SET FMT backbox/acc.

FMT-12/16 backbox (no. 171)

FMT backbox 001
FMT backbox 002FMT backbox 003FMT backbox 004FMT backbox 005FMT backbox 006FMT backbox 007FMT backbox 008FMT backbox 009

Shown above are my three SET catalog no. 171 FMT-12/16 backboxes and four sets of hanging brackets. I’m not sure if I’m relatively lucky to have them, but it seems that other people who collect clock system equipment don’t have much interest in these. I’m not sure why.
Anyway, the first one shown originally belonged to #16 (a 1956 AR2) that I bought specifically to get the backbox. The other two that I acquired more recently are from 1959 and sometime in the mid-1960s (left to right), from a 24vac GRC installation. Note that the mounting holes are on opposite sides on the 1956 and 1959 units, but they are otherwise identical. The longer mounting screws belong to the 1956 box (I added the shorter one, as there was a screw missing). The newer box has an additional knockout in the back (used), along with threaded holes in the bottom (unknown purpose; unused in original installation). The two sets of shinier brackets (that feel somewhat different from aluminum) belong to the newer mid-1960s type box.
It is important to note that this size of backbox would have only been used through 1969, as all sizes of FMT case made by Johnson used the bracket spacing of the 10-inch backbox. Given that, one would think that there should be more 10-inch-type boxes out there. And given the number of loose FMT clocks that show up on the market, it is surprising that more backboxes and/or brackets aren’t offered (I’ve purchased every one that I have seen for sale since March 2004, they are only worth about $10 a piece, and they are all pictured above). I still wonder why (almost) nobody ever thinks to take these with the clocks, especially if the building is being torn down. I suppose I’ll never know why, but the fact remains that I’d still like to have a dozen or so more of these along with a few examples of the 10-inch version.

the super-amazing service bracket

service bracket in actionservice bracket

I made it. I wonder why they never made anything like this; it’s super-convenient!

original SET box

SET shipping carton 001
SET shipping carton 002SET shipping carton 003SET shipping carton 004SET shipping carton 005SET shipping carton 006SET shipping carton 007SET shipping carton 008SET shipping carton 009SET shipping carton 010SET shipping carton 011SET shipping carton 012SET shipping carton 013SET shipping carton 014SET shipping carton 015

This is an original Standard Electric Time shipping carton, postmarked October 24, 1966 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Despite the fact that it says “RMT” and “AR2” the side, it was included with the purchase of #5, a 1962 FMT-12 GRC, and it had apparently contained that clock for a number of years. The box clearly includes an insert for an FMT-12, so exactly what all happened to this box over time is lost to history, unfortunately.
In any event, this box is where my clock “system” turns into a clock “collection”, I fear. I wonder how many more of these are still out there—and if there are any actual new-old-stock (pre-Johnson/Faraday) SET clocks in existence.